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Rules and Regulations

Post by UFt.Luchgox on Wed Apr 26, 2017 10:09 pm

Server Rules

This includes racism/discrimination against a player's religion, country, region etc. Players who also join the server with racial or discriminating nicknames will also be punished with a kick and will require to change their nickname. Failure to comply will result in a temporary or permanent ban.

This includes all attempts to avoid being killed with unfair way. Example: Drowning yourself or jumping off of a roof at low health to commit suicide during a fight, or using /quit( /q ) or /kill whilst fighting an enemy and/or after being knocked down. All these are punishable with a temp-ban.

Adjusting the FPS( Frames per second ) to a value which gives a player unfair advantage is strictly prohibited. Any player caught in adjusting their FPS value will be first be warned and then banned if the player persists.

It is strictly prohibited in this server. Wall-glitching is an act on which you 'purposely' use the game's bug or any other unfair way to shoot through a wall to hit another player. This includes bugged or non-solid places/walls that are accessible by foot but covered by texture.

Accessing others' account
Joining the server with another player's nickname is forbidden and may get you kicked; an attempt to log into an admin's or player's account may result in a ban from the server.


Sliding-glitch is not allowed with other weapons except with the shotgun class of weapons. It will result in a warn and then a temp-ban if a player does not comply with the rules

Widescreen Fix
Widescreen fix is not allowed, it gives advantage to the player by altering where you must shoot to hit the head of an opponent, so it is strictly prohibited. If any player caught using it, they will first warned and if they do not comply, they will be banned.
It can be detected by exactly aiming the opponents head. If their head doesn't pop then try to shoot a little bit aside of the head and if their head pops, the player may be using widescreen fix.

Team Killing/Shooting

Intentional/Continuous heli-killing are now strictly prohibited. For the first offense, heli-killers will be penalized by an automatic drown from the server. Abusers will be given a warning or worse, a temp ban depending on the situation of the report.
For the reporters we request and recommend posting a video rather than an image (you stand a better chance of not having the report being denied), and it's up to the administrators for the final action to be taken.

VPN/Proxy usage
VPN/Usage of proxies is strictly prohibited in our server. It shows the ping low but actually its high ping which lags more than normal 400 ping so for this reason it's not allowed anymore. You'll be warned first time using proxy, next time it'll be a ban.

Game modification/Hacks
HP hacks: Infinite health - HP refills without heal command.
Armour hacks: There is no way to obtain Armour in the server (only the VIPs will have Armour). If any player is caught using Armour hack, he will be directly banned.
Banned weapons: You can get any weapon you want using the set command. However, mini gun, tear gas, remote grenades are prohibited and inaccessible through the set command. If any player found using them that means they are cheating/hacking.
Vehicle hacks: Infinite or increased car/motorcycle/helicopter HP.
Wall hacks: This are like,player shoot or can pass through the wall.
Gravity hacks:This include higher or faster jumps or is seen flying( slow fall ).
Speed hacks: Traveling at a higher speed than that which is possible, either on foot or in a vehicle.
Game-changing mods: This include changing data files to give an unfair advantage to the player.
Map mods, add objects to your game but it's invisible to the other players.
Any other mods that affect player interaction by making something appear differently on your screen.

Other rules
Bug abuse: Any exploiting of script/server bugs. Example, breaking into accounts, getting cash or levelling up illegally by abusing the bug.
Disobey staff: All players must obey our staff members, breaking this rule can result in a punishment. (Any kind of power abuse can be reported directly at 'Admin Reports' section)
Insults: If the insults are too much, admins are allowed to mute/warn or temp-ban you. So, please respect all staff and players.
Note: Admins are not allowed to take action against the player in these situations:
1. If the admin insult the player first, the admin must not punish the player even if the player insult him back.
2. If the players/group insult each other, the admin must not punish only one player/side. It's whether mute all of them to stop spam on main chat or none.
Mute evading: Example, Re-connecting to the server when you get muted. You are not allowed to evade the mute, whether it was set automatically by server or by staff members.
Ban evading: Any attempt of evading the ban set by staff members or server is stricly prohibbited. You could get banned with a longer duration if you break this rule.
Shoot default spawn position: You are not allowed to shoot the players' default spawn position( not the /spawnloc ) using any weapon that will cause the spawned player to fell down & kill him/her when spawn protection over.
Shoot bank entrance: You are not allowed to shoot the bank entrance whether using explosion or other weapons, making the player(s) inside trapped..
Blocking properties' entrance with vehicle via /getcar : It's prohibited to spawn or vehicles at properties entrance using server commands, it may cause the vehicle to stuck between the entrance and making it hard for players to get outside or causing them trapped inside. You are still allowed to drive the vehicle and block entrance without the use commands.
VC:MP bugs:  The abuse of VC:MP bugs that is done purposely to get unfair advantages is prohibited.
Stats padding: An action which is for increasing one's stats without engaging in real combat. Example: Registering fake nicks and give other players a continual chance to kill you, making his stats better.
Illegal way of earning money:  Example, registering fake accounts and transfer cash to a real account etc.
Ghost city: This gives a unfair advantage to players who are inside a bugged location (ghost city). So, usage of this kind of bug to kill others is prohibited, and may result in a ban.
Advertising: The action of inviting players to other servers or promoting anything related to other servers are not allowed here.
Scamming: Any attempt of joking/trolling players with money (and ECD), vehicles and such will be punished for being dishonest resulting in a warning or worst a ban.
Spamming: Endlessly flooding the main chat by re-joining the server or spamming any form of message in game is prohibited. The players that do so may receive a warning or a temp-ban if they persist
Any other 3rd party programs or anything that affect the game play in any other way for your advantage are strictly prohibited, except when stated otherwise by admins or with permission of high level staff( in-case of testing ).
Attacks on server will result in a permanent ban. This includes any attempt to crash the script and/or the server, gaining access to other people's accounts, publishing another player's password etc.
The server rules is updated according to the situation, make sure you read this topic frequently.

Forum Rules


Spamming is prohibited within topics and the shoutbox. This includes unnecessary posts, duplicated posts, minimal responses and finally off topic posts.

Personal information
Images/posts that are created for personal attack by featuring his/her real-life photo or private information will be taken down immediately. It may result in various consequences. E.g., posting rights will be removed or may result in a ban.

The posting of adult links, banners, or any other material that promotes pornographic material is prohibited. These forums are for the discussion of server, not sexual entertainment. If you want to discuss or observe that kind of thing, we suggest you look elsewhere,either the right way is to banned you from the forum as well.

Other rules
Do not color your topic( we use the colors for specific purpose )
Respect the staff and other members.
Any kind of abusive, threatening or racist comments are prohibited.
Don't post contents containing violent pictures or anything related to political or inner problem of a country.
Don't post shortened links( except staff ), password protected files, warez, hacks, roms, cracks or serial numbers.
Don't post link of infected sites/programs or anything that is harmful.
Advertising other server is not allowed, whether link to their forum, IP or name of the server.


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