[Accepted]Admin Application - =KF=Thunder^

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[Accepted]Admin Application - =KF=Thunder^

Post by Thunder on Wed Apr 26, 2017 9:26 pm

Country:England, UK.
Average ping:15-25 (dependant upon the server)
Time playing VCMP:Since 2011, But took quite a few long breaks in-between.
Average hours playing in Boss Reloaded Server( per day ):Started Today.
Average days playing in Boss Reloaded Server( per week ):Started Today.
Why you want to be part of our staff ?:I want to be a part of the staff in order to do my best to improve this community and to protect the server from dodgy players, such as constant rulebreakers, hackers. I am experienced and know how to do the job correctly due to having a Level 9 Head Admin rank within VKs Official Server, I am also an admin, and, have been an admin in many servers. So I can promise you I know how to do the job upto the best possible standards.
Do you use IRC ? (if yes, include nick):[KF]Thunder^, Pr0455^
Additional Notes:I will always do my best for this community, I hope I get accepted.

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Re: [Accepted]Admin Application - =KF=Thunder^

Post by Casper on Wed Apr 26, 2017 9:28 pm

Accepted as Moderator.
Invited by me.
Welcome to the staff!

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