Player Report [FORMAT]

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Player Report [FORMAT]

Post by Casper on Wed Apr 26, 2017 12:57 am

Player Reports - FORMAT

Use the following format when reporting the suspected player.
[b]Your in-game name:[/b]
[b]Player Nick:[/b]
[b]Reason for reporting:[/b]
[b]Evidence (Screenshots, videos..etc):[/b]
[b]Extra notes:[/b]

Notes for persons involved( reporter/reported player ):

-For HP hack report, screenshots will be only accepted if the reported player can be seen knocked down with a shotgun and getting up with same HP. (video record is better evidence)
-For death&pause evade/command abuse, screenshots as evidence is not valid. Make sure your evidence is in type of video,either report will be denied
-For speed hacks, only videos will be accepted as evidence.
-For Racism or Spamming&Flooding the chat,Screenshots will be accepted rightway
-For reporting a  Staff Member(s),The same rules and guidelines listed above apply when reporting staff members.
-The player tag in your evidence must be clear and readable, otherwise we cant take action.
-Any statement without the support of evidence( photo/video )  wont be accepted and will be ignored.
-Video evidence must be in an acceptable quality. It must be viewable, not blurry.
-Image evidence must clearly show the reported player caught in the act and must be of high quality. Not low res, not blurry.
-False reports,reports against players where no rule has been broken,the reporter would be warned/ban
-Reporters are hereby requested to post a video of the intentional heli killers, the ban will be issued upon the admins decision.
-Log evidence must provide a FULL log. Do not remove content from the log.
Quick-way:For images, please use, it's free, quick, and doesn't come with any suspicious ad's at the side of the page or adult content.

Note for other members:
If any other member who is not involved replies in any of the topic in report section, he/she will directly get a forum warn without any prior notification.

You may only post in a report thread if:
1. You are a server administrator.
2. You are the original poster of the report.
3. You are the target or one of the targets in the report.
4. You are one of the listed witnesses that can confirm events occurred or have additional evidence to add.
5. You have additional information that is proved correct & believed can help with solving the report

To clarify, DO NOT POST if you just want to share your opinion or personal thoughts, it is not needed and you will be warned and later banned if you continue posting irrelevant replies.

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